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The Ronin 140 is the ultimate design for the ultimate race, "The Race", a fully crewed, non-stop, circumnavigation of our planet.

This ship is a full-blooded 140 foot (43 meter) multihull; no parameter has been compromised to get to this size. The mast is a 200 foot (61 meter) tall rotating carbon wingmast. To generate the stability required to carry a rig this large, and to provide stability in the Southern Ocean, she is 92 feet (28 meters) wide. The most noticeable characteristic is the central Pod, a long tubular structure running nearly the length of the boat. This serves a number of important functions. It carries the enormous fore-aft loads of the rig. It provides torsional stiffness for the entire structure, accepting loads from the crossbeams as they flare out to meet the Pod.

The crew lives and works in the Pod. It provides a more comfortable environment out of the cold and noisy water. This is important to reduce crew fatigue and to allow the crew to produce maximum effort continually during the expected 65 day duration of "The Race" onboard the Ronin140. Velocity predictions indicate that the Ronin 140 is capable of best average speeds of over 36 knots during a 24 hour period. There are many technical challenges in designing a racing multihull of this size. Some have expressed concern over issues ranging from mast size to structural stresses to sail handling.

We feel that we have solid technical solutions and look forward to demonstrating these.


Ronin140 Specifications

LOA 140 feet 43 meters

BOA 92 feet 28 meters

Pod BOA 12 feet 3.7 meters

Hull BOA 10 feet 3.0 meters

Mast Height  200 feet 61 meters

BOA/LOA 65.7%

Righting moment 5,260,000 ft lb.

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Ronin140 Specifications

Main Sail Area 9055 sq. feet 841 sq. meters

Jib 2404 sq. feet  223 sq. meters

Mast 1000 sq. feet 93 sq. meters

Total WSA 12460 sq. feet 1157 sq. meters

Bruce Number 2.2

Displacement Empty 50.8 Metric Ton

Design 58.3 Metric Ton

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