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Tiny Dancer Mark III is a low-tech version of the Tiny Dancer proa.
It’s designed to be owner built in Western Red Cedar or foam core strip plank, with fiberglass skins.

In order to keep the extreme performance of this personal proa, the decision was made to accommodate the heavier construction method with a longer waterline. The main hull is increased from 21 feet to 23 feet, and the fineness ratio was conserved at 21.5:1. The ama, or windward hull, was shortened in length to 15 feet to conserve weight.

Like it’s sister boat, this is an ultimately simple sailboat. It’s all sailboat with nothing extra.

There are a few choices in the design. There is a narrow version at 8.5 feet, which is trailerable assembled, and there is a 10.5 foot wide version which must be disassembled to be transported. The narrow version uses a single rack to windward, and generates the same amount of righting moment as the wide version. The narrow version takes longer to build, as you have to construct the rack also. The narrow version is ready to sail when you reach the water, just plug in the rack, tilt the boat to 60 degrees and plug in the mast.


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There are two rigs for the boat: short and standard rigs.
In either case, both sails are reefable.
If you sail in an area where wind speeds are regularly above 15kts., you might consider the short rig.

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The proa is optimized for boatspeed in a range of conditions, from a few knots to 15 kts. for the standard rig.

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The short rig would also be a good choice for a beginning sailor, as the standard rig produces a great deal of amount of power.


The design package sells for $300US. It includes more than 30 large drawings and instructions for building. All of the mold stations are plotted out full size. Only a total of 10 unique mold stations are required. The hulls are symmetrical fore-aft and therefore a single mold is used to produce both starboard and port halves. The same mold stations are then re-spaced to build the ama. Typical time to build is 750 hours.


  • LOA - 23 ft.
  • Ama LOA - 15ft.
  • BOA - 8.5ft./10.5 ft. wide version
  • Sail Area - 211 Sq ft.
  • Mast - 28 ft.
  • Weight -  200 lbs.
  • Bruce Number - 2.0 with 1 crew
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