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The Warren23 is targeted at the daysailer; someone who wants to take out a group of friends or family for a fast day of sailing and exploring.

She started out as a thoroughbred 23 foot racing trimaran design, nearly square at 21 feet wide, and has been tamed, only slightly, for recreationally daysailing. The large 8 foot by 6 foot cockpit accommodates four comfortably. For a party sail in protected waters, you could carry up to eight, five in the cockpit and three on the tramps.

To achieve the increased displacement, the main hull was lengthened to 25 feet, but retains its 12:1 finesse ratio. This was seen as more desirable than widening the hull. This boat will pass the beachcats when fully loaded and teach them a lesson or two when single handed.

The Warren23 is one of the easiest trimarans to build. Every component is strip plank, including the beams and the mast. She can be built on a short budget of $7500USD for materials, including the main and jib. The cockpit is constructed out of sheet material, there are no curves in the cockpit structure. Although rectilinear in shape and easy to build, the cockpit looks good because the seats are hidden behind the forward beam.

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  • Bare Weight : 850 lb.
  • Full Displacement : 1500 lb.
  • Main hull fineness : 12:1
  • Ama displacement : 200%
  • Ama fineness : 13.25:1
  • Mast : 35 feet rotating wingspar
  • Main : 270 sq. feet
  • Jib : 145 sq. feet
  • Total Windward Sail Area : 415 sq. feet
  • BOA : 21 feet
  • LOA : 25 feet, 23 feet amas
  • Bruce Number : 1.8 full displacement, 2.0 with one
She is demountable to be trailered. The beams attach to the main hull with a set of through pins and attach to the akas with either my experimental tube and socket system or a more conventional bolt and tab system. The tube and socket attachment allow the amas freedom in a seaway. The first W23 was built this way and glides through short chop.

The original W23 had amas constructed with compounded plywood. I don't recommend this technique anymore, and the original boat, Triumph, will have new amas constructed of strip plank Western Red Cedar.

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Triumph in Salem Harbor, MA

Main Hull: draft 12"

  • Max beam : 27.5"
  • Waterline beam : 25.25"
  • Wetted area : 66.8 sq ft
  • Total hull surface area : 213 sq ft.
  • Sensitivity : 210 lbs./inch
  • Freeboard : 28"


  • Max beam : 21"
  • Sensitivity : 152 lb/in
  • Total hull surface area : 131 sq feet


  • 12" chord x 8" to 4" height x 21 feet long
  • Total surface area : 51 sq feet.

The first of my latest design, the Warren23-mkII, will be built in Australia, also using Western Red Cedar strip plank and a rolled alloy wingspar. The Warren23 bridges the gap between beachcats and midsized trailerable sport trimarans but retains a strong performance edge and is very affordable as an owner built project.

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