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The Warren27 is a go-fast daysailer designed for a crew of one to three for racing  and up to 6 for a recreational sail.

She is a well focused design on the parameter of performance and has no accommodations, as in zero, that is no cockpit or cabin. There is some space for storage in the main hull. The crew sits on wingseats over the windward ama, after all this is where your weight is needed, where the view is the best, and it's the driest place on the boat. The three long skinny hulls are interconnected with two crossbeams, or akas which are elliptical in section and taper from 10" tall at the center to 5" at the ends. Since she is very light, she needs to be wide to develop enough righting moment to support the sailplan.

This design is practically square at 27 feet wide. The amas develop 250% of the full design displacement, are 28 feet long and have their center of buoyancy very far forward to develop large amounts of diagonal stability. Despite her extreme performance, she is one of the easiest boats to sail, and I am including monohulls in this statement. A number of design parameters have been used to induce good manners during tacking, and even a novice can tack her without getting into irons, jib up or down. She is also very easy to sail at the limit, just keep and eye on the mainhull and sail her with the mainhull barely drawing water.

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  • LOA 29 feet, 8.8 meters
  • LWL 27 feet, 8.8 meters -- W27!
  • BOA 27 feet, 8.2 meters
  • Mast 44 feet, 13.4 meters
  • Sail Area 650 sq. feet, 60 sq. meters
  • Displacement Empty 1100 lb., 500kg.
  • Design Displacement 1560 lb., 709 kg.
  • Bruce Number 2.2
This design is trailerable and demounts with a crew of three in a leisurely two hours. Each component  is removable with a few nuts and bolts and is lined up fore and aft on the trailer at 8 feet wide. w27launch.jpg (14727 bytes)

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The Zachary D in Salem Harbor, MA

Zachary D., my personal boat, was built using Western Red Cedar strip plank with fiberglass skins on the hulls and carbon fiber skins on the akas (crossbeams) and mast. The hulls, beams and mast were strip planked in female mold stations. The hulls ended at the one foot station and the bows were fabricated assemblies. This is possibly one of the easiest multihulls to build in the nearly 30 foot size. The hulls were built in upper and lower sections, and each section was strip planked by one person in one day. There is no interior, and therefore when the hulls beams and mast are complete only the foils and rigging remain. The Warren27 develops so much righting moment that she has been sailed in verified windspeeds of 50 knots, yet she will reach twice windspeed in 6 knots of wind.

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