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Design Goals

  • Serious coastal cruiser
  • Crew of two for extended cruising
  • Crew of four for short cruises
  • Trailerable
  • Fast
  • Seaworthy
  • Swing Wing

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Balancing Requirements
  • Speed and Trailerability means light weight
  • Extended cruising means interior volume, including full headroom
  • Performance to windward means low drag and small frontal profile
  • Ultimate speed means high fineness ratio hulls

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  • Elliptical hullforms, deckless construction  -   Strong, light, and low windage
  • Carbon fiber rotating wing mast and carbon fiber akas
  • Wingmast is light and strong and supports an aggressive sailplan with minimum windage
  • Bare akas weigh 40 lb. each and are strong enough to support the boat with no waterstays

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The boat works because it is sailed light. This principle is well understood by the owner.  The volume provides comfort, but leave the encyclopedia, microwave and drill press at home. The reward is a very fast boat, much faster than any cruiser of similar length on the water.

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The first Warren35, Veloce, was built by MaineCat using triaxial fiberglass over corecell. She was launched in Waldoboro, Maine, and sailed to Beverly Harbor in Salem Sound, MA. Veloce demonstrated that she can tack through 80 degrees and measured 11.4 knots of boatspeed in a true wind of 5 to 7 knots, using the large screecher sailing just off of a beam reach. Much higher boat speeds were seen during the first partial sailing season but we will wait for one full season to report on overall sailing abilities, especially comparative performance to other multihulls. The interior volume is truly staggering, placing her in a class by herself for trailerable sport trimarans.

Veloce launched August 1997


  • LOA 35'6" and  BOA30'
  • Working sail area 750 sq. feet with a 550 sq. foot reacher
  • A 47' rotating wingmast
  • Weight 3800 lb. bare, 1000 lb. payload
  • Bruce Number 1.7, 2.2 with screecher
  • Hulls 12:1 finess ratio, 200% Amas

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Cock Pit and Cabin
  • The cockpit is midships, just forward of the aft beam
  • The cabin is full standing headroom and maintains almost full 8 foot width over the entire length
  • Aft captain's quarters with king sized berth
  • Five foot passageway under the cockpit tunnel
  • Large enclosed head forward


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